Simba Lion King | سيمبا كينغ ليون | الحلقة 19 | حلقة كاملة | الرسوم المتحركة للأطفال | اللغة العربية

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Wonderful fairy tales for children. قصص رائعة للأطفال. Enjoy the fun. المتعة سلسلة للشباب. Series for young people.
Simba, the Lion King, is killed in front off his children. The killer, tiger Shere Khan, is taking over the throne. Young Simba, along with his sisters is taken in by a pack of wolves that have raised Mowgli'ego. Wolves and other animals - snake Kaa, Baloo the bear, panther Baghera and owl Augustine - will be teachers and carers unfortunate orphans... The series show little Simba became a lion and what was the Shere Khan's fate... Join in the adventures of Simba and his jungle animal friends in this entertaining animated feature for your kids and family. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvb4oOP8QLknfTnuDHZPB-w?sub_confirmation=1 أكثر
روبن هود | Robin Hood
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